Children represent the future and our greatest hopes. Providing them with opportunities to explore nature and discover its magic and mystery is vital to their health as well as to the future health of the planet. Teaching our children that our planet is a gift we are entrusted with, one that is a source of endless wonder and supports every aspect of our lives, is a message we fold into the design of play spaces.

Parks and playgrounds also provide a place for children to be active, away from the television and computer. Exercise is vital to a healthy, strong body, and to reversing the alarming explosion of childhood obesity and diabetes occurring in the USA.

Public parks can provide opportunities for people of all ages to gather, relax and enjoy each other. Watching kids play is entertaining and provides opportunities for interaction and bonding. Neighbors meet, share and exchange information, and friendships are formed between kids and adults alike at the playground.

Our design for children addresses physical activity and movement, opportunities to explore safety and risk, education and of course, playfulness! All of it can be fun!


Corbett McKenna Park

Dickerman Playground

Florence Playground