Virginia Thurston Healing Garden


While preparing a Master Plan in anticipation of the expansion of the offices at the VTHG, BayLeaf Studio reviewed the architectural plans and recommended alterations to include a Garden Room. The new Garden Room has 270˚ views of woods and a new water feature trickles outside the window, thanks to the pro bono efforts of the Underground, a group of landscape professionals. Other Master Plan recommendations include terraces, retaining walls, a special garden area, improved parking and a trail system.

During construction, details were prepared for the front entrance and circle and circulation to the back. BayLeaf Studio participated in three cleanup days to clear debris from a devasting ice storm, as well as an Arbor Day event to further prepare the property for future site improvements.

“You have a great eye for detail. The design is lovely and inviting to our clients. …you were very generous with time and fee. I was always comfortable working with you.”
~Betsy Tyson Smith, co-Founder and Past Director, Virginia Thurston Healing Garden