Pinney Residence


This house was purchased as a diamond in the rough, with a landscape to match. The surprises, setbacks and permitting process might have done in some couples, yet these owners were troopers. While the exterior seasonal pond may have been acceptable, the perpetual interior flood in the basement was not. Before the landscape plan could be installed, an extensive perimeter drainage system was designed, permitted and installed. The basement access door was relocated away from the low point while the foundation was exposed. The system includes an underground storage tank for outside watering needs. The dry basement has added valuable real estate and, hopefully, peace of mind for the owners of this well-located and nicely restored home.

A less anticipated site preparation issue was the removal of a difficult to access, magnificent 48” caliper red oak via crane because its outstretched limbs posed a serious threat to neighbors. Now that the landscape budget has been spent, the site is now ready for planting!