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Lisa’s Approach + Process

Hello! I am Lisa Bailey, a sole practitioner dba BayLeaf Studio, and I have been designing outdoor spaces for living, playing and contemplation for four decades. I partner with my clients and colleagues to create environmentally sensitive, meaningful and inspiring spaces that foster connection and fulfillment. With the artful use of plantings, stone, water, metal and wood, I aspire to create sanctuaries for people for respite and delight, to connect people to the natural world and to each other. In so doing, I hope to satisfy our own inward nature.

The sensual aspects of a garden evoke memory, display ever-changing beauty and returns us to calm.  Metaphors and archetypes in design can suggest new ways of perceiving the world that help us transform life’s challenges into life’s gifts, even when we are unaware of it.   Like art, this can bring us satisfaction and expanded awareness.  Nature brings us back to the present – a place where anything is possible.

BayLeaf Studio designs gardens for residential and healthcare clients, including senior living, public open space and playgrounds, labyrinths and sacred spaces.  I seek to synthesize the needs of people with the spirit of a place, to resolve form and function harmoniously.  Each project is a unique journey that I guide towards a meaningful and delightful outcome. Tell me about the project you have in mind.